Return 2

NAGPUR! here i come!

Many of you must have had very fond memories of Nagpur.
You have spent your childhood & teen years here. Or You have done your education here in Nagpur. And then you stepped out, ready to take on the world & make a name for yourself!

And in this race of life, you somewhere had to let go off Nagpur & settle in one of those big global cities.
However Nagpur still resides in your heart - deep down in a special corner - with hopes of being able to someday return to your own city. A City that you think is the best in world - A City which you always call - your home.

Nagpur with its charm has never failed to attract you. And even after many years of being away from Nagpur, you still are spellbound with Nagpur by something magical - something that cannot be explained logically.

Well, You are not alone!
Welcome to the club of Nagpurians wanting to return to Nagpur!

Without many job opportunities in Nagpur during the last 20-25 years, there had been a steady outflow of talent towards better opportunities. But with changing scenarios, some development & Nagpur becoming an international hub (atleast on paper) - Nagpur is awaiting to explode on the international scene.

And its time for many Nagpurians to start thinking about exploring this potential in their home city.

Return to Nagpur (R2N) is a small endeavour to connect like minded Nagpurians.
With many Non Resident Nagpurians (NRN) willing to relocate to Nagpur, there is a good possibility to develop synergies & work together towards achieving a common goal. R2N hopes to be your starting point towards your journey back to your roots in Nagpur. R2N would also like to help you out with your queries, concerns, insights & information about Nagpur.

If you are NRN (Non Resident Nagpurian), do get in touch with us through the contact form below.
[Resident Nagpurians are also always welcome!]

We are not a job consultancy who will provide you a job in Nagpur - but we can surely put you in touch with other like minded people or even help you answer your queries.

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