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Aadasa & Dhapewada, Nagpur

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Aadasa, Nagpur

Aadasa is a village in the Nagpur District & is located around 40 km from Nagpur city, that is to say - it's an hour away.  This place is mainly famous for the ancient temple complex situated on a hillock close to the village.

It is the site of several prehistoric temples including the popular Ganesh temple that attracts numerous pilgrims. Considered to be more than 4,000 years old, these ancient temples draw big crowds on religious occasions.

The temple precincts cover about ten hectares of land that house the small temples, including that of Hanuman in reclining and standing position. Other deities in these olden shrines include Trimbakeshwar, Bairambuva, Shakti and Bhuyarbaba. The temple of Mahadeo with three lingas is considered a miraculous spot.

The main temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is built in Hemadpanti style with a Ganesh statue standing 12 feet tall and 7 feet wide, made out of a single stone. This temple is also  known as Vidarbha's own 'Ashtavinayak'.

It is said that the image seen today in this temple is one of those twelve Ganapatis described in the Ganespurana. It was formerly of the size of the toe of Vaman, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  It is believed that there is a secret cellar under the idol.

A legend goes that during the war between Ram and Ravan, Laksman was struck a mortal blow by Indrajit, the son of Ravan. To revive him, Hanuman flew to the mountain 'Mandhar '' to get Sanjeevani buti. Being unable to recognize Sanjeevani buti among all the herbs, he carried the mountain on his shoulders. On the way a substantial portion of the mountain fell down which forms the modern Adasa.

The temple premises are calm and picturesque. The greenery of the place adds to its serenity.

Some 2 kilometres from Aadasa, is Dhapewada village. This village is situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river. A noteworthy feature of the town is the temple of Vithoba, which overlooks the river. It was built by Umaji Aba, Diwan to Raja Bajirao Bhonsle. Not surprisingly, Dhapewada is also known as Vidarbha's 'Pandharpur'.

Check out the photographs of Aadasa and its ancient temples here :

Photographs By : Abhijit Ranade 


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