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Nagpur to Pune Route

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[In this article, Pushkar Patil - An enthusiastic traveler shares his  experience about  the Nagpur-Pune route]

One of the hottest destinations for us Nagpurians is of course Pune. If at all you wanna travel to Pune by road from Nagpur, you can take any of the following routes :-

1)      Nagpur – Amravati – Khamgaon – Chikhli – Jalna – Aurangabad – Ahmednagar – Pune (740 kms)

This is the most common route taken by many of the private travels owing to many important cities falling on the way in between. But lately due to development of good alternate routes, this is not preferred anymore especially by personal travelers. As of March 2009, the stretch from Jalna to Pune is almost a 4 lane highway. Nagpur to Khamgaon is NH6 and its condition keeps on changing from time to time. Khamgaon to Jalna is quite a lonely patch for about 140 kms.

2)       Nagpur – Amravati – Karanja – Mehkar(Buldhana) – Jalna – Aurangabad – Ahmednagar – Pune (720 kms)

The only difference in this route is the stretch Amravati – Karanja – Mehkar – Sindkhed  Raja – Jalna. It is an amazing stretch of road with almost non-existent traffic. The rest of the route is same as the one above. Again the stretch from Amravati to Jalna is lonesome with very few settlements in between. One highlight of this route is that between Karanja and Mehkar, there lies one town named Sultanpur. A left from Sultanpur will lead you to  a small village named Lonar. It is famous for the Lonar Crater which was formed due to a meteorite strike approximately 55000 years ago!

3)      Nagpur – Wardha – Karanja – Mehkar(Buldhana) – Jalna – Aurangabad – Ahmednagar – Pune (710 kms)

Shortest route to Pune. Nagpur – Wardha – Karanja road is quite OK. Rest of the route is same as route 2.

Nagpur Pune Route - Google Map

I hope this information will be useful for people travelling between Pune and Nagpur. My personal ride details can be found at following link.



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