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Make a special breakfast this Sunday - The Layered Sandwich

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Layered Sandwich Breakfast
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Its Sunday morning, you are in a mood to have a nice lazy day. Just that moment, you get a call from a friend who tells you that your group of friends wishes to come to your place for breakfast. Irritated and panicky is all you can be. You think of making everyday stuff like Parathas, Idli, Dosa, Uttappam, Samosas or Sandwichs.

But they are your friends. And friends are supposed to be fun. You want to make a breakfast that’s not usual. So here is an option that’s tasty, filling and pocket friendly!

The Layered Sandwich

You will need:

   1. Bread
   2. Butter
   3. Tomato Ketchup
   4. Mayonnaise
   5. Eggs/ Potatoes
   6. Maggie noodles

    * Boil the eggs and cut them into thin circular slices. For veggies, potatoes can be used.
    * Make Maggie noodles and evaporate the water so that it stays dry.
    * Take a slice of bread, apply a layer of mayonnaise.
    * Place the slices of egg on the mayo.
    * Take another slice of bread and apply a layer of tomato ketchup thoroughly.
    * Now, spread some Maggie noodles on it.
    * Now carefully join the two slices bread so that the eggs and Maggie come in contact.
    * The sandwich is ready. You can cut it into pieces and serve as it is or grill it with butter.

The layered sandwich is filling and tasty. You can customize it according to tastes, likes, dislikes. Serve it with some potato chips or French fries. Tea/Coffee/ Juice can accompany.

All this, neatly arranged on a dining table will surely make for a cozy and pleasant breakfast.

P.S. Breakfast tastes better with lively chats :)

Author: Sei Deshpande


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