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Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur: Photos

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Butterfly Oxalis : Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur 
Satpuda Botanical Garden situated  near Telangkhedi Lake in Nagpur is a very famous garden attracting hundreds of visitors daily.  Especially for the students of biology, zoology & environment science, Botanical Garden can be compared to tonnes of study book material - except that it is for real & not one bit boring!  Botanical Garden is a plant lovers paradise for sure!
Unique Flora at Satpuda Botanical Gardens

During the monsoon Season, the garden is flourishing with new plants and trees. If you want to check out different varieties of plants and also those which you dont normally see in your home gardens, then Satpuda Botanical Gardens is the place to visit.This facility has excellent nursuries as well as research laboratories which deal in the science of horticulture. Botanical garden has medicinal as well ornamental plants and trees in its collections. 

Do check out some of the photos of the plants (details in photo captions) at the Botanical Garden, Nagpur
Buddha's Belly Bamboo : Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
Lendi Pimpali - Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur 
Pterigota Alata - Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
Singapuri Cherry - Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
Adiatum Trapeziform - Satpuda Botanical Gardens Nagpur
Butterfly Oxalis - Satpuda Botanical Gardens Nagpur
Camphor Plant - Satpuda Botanical Gardens Nagpur
Clove Plant : Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
Dalchini Plant: Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
MuchKand - Medicinal plant - Satpuda Botancial Garden Nagpur 
Nursery @ Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur 
Spider Lily - Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur
Victoria Fern - Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur 
Photos by Abhijit Ranade 
Satpuda Botancial Garden Nagpur 
Besides Phutala / Telangkhedi Lake 
Map: Satpuda Botanical Garden Nagpur 

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