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Why choose Nagpur?

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We always hear that Nagpur is one of the most promising cities in the country in terms of becoming a metropolitan city. Still, we hardly see any industries in the Nagpur region which are the backbone of any emerging metropolitan city. Efforts are being made to showcase Nagpur region as the most suitable spot for setting up new and huge industrial corporations.

Here is a statistical analysis of the city’s geographical and socio-economic conditions which may prove helpful in wooing major industrial institutions to set up their operations in our city.  For Nagpur to become an important cosmopolitan city of India, it is necessary that these industries set up their base in Nagpur. This study may help to illustrate that our Nagpur region is really safe and Nagpur’s strategic location is really suitable for setting up industrial bases.

Quite simply put, the following are the reasons why people should choose Nagpur as their preferred city of residence:

Geographic Conditions

Earthquake Zone:
According to studies, Nagpur region lies in between Zone 1 and Zone 2 of Earthquake Zones in the country. It means that Nagpur has close to zero chances of getting a major earthquake which may cause huge devastation. Recent history also supports the fact that Nagpur region is relatively very safe as far as earthquakes are concerned.

Flood Zone:

According to surveys, Nagpur region has negligible chances of getting huge floods which may cause large scale destruction as it lies outside the flood related zones of the country. History supports this fact.

(The blue area in the map indicate flood zones in India)  


Volcanic Zone:

Nagpur is out of the so called ‘Ring of Fire’ Volcanic Zones of the world. There are no active volcanic zones in the country except Barren Islands in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.       

Hurricanes and Tsunamis:
Nagpur is more than 1000 kms away from any nearest sea coast, so the chances of Hurricanes and Tsunamis affecting Nagpur region are close to none. Though Nagpur experiences some strong winds during rainy season but they are not strong enough to cause any major devastation. Historic records prove this fact.       

Last year, 2009, Nagpur region experienced the worst drought of the decade due to insufficient rainfall. The extreme heat where temperatures may sore over 40 degrees for months together adds to the woes of people. Nagpur comes under moderately to severely affected drought areas in the country. This situation needs complete attention of the concerned authorities.    



Ground Water Level:
According to NASA Satellites, during the period of 2002-08 the ground water level of our region has increased gradually. But efforts should be made to preserve and augment this water since the region suffers badly from Droughts.

(The map shows groundwater changes in India during 2002-08, with losses in red and gains in blue, based on GRACE satellite observations.)         
ground water

Socio-Economic Conditions

Livablity Index   
According to a latest survey by CII – Institute for Competitiveness titled ‘Livability Index 2010: The best cities in India’, Nagpur Ranks 19th overall out of 37 cities that were surveyed. It also states that Nagpur ranks 11th as far as demographic advantage are concerned. This is a big plus point for the city.      

Strategic Location   
Nagpur lies right in the centre of the country. Due to this strategic location all major Train Routes and Roads pass through the city. Nagpur is well connected to almost all the cities in the country. Nagpur has one of the biggest Railway stations and the amount of goods that are transferred along the roads and railway roots are enormous. This is a huge advantage for any new big industries aspiring to set up their operations in a new city.      

SEZ in Nagpur:
The government has set up Special Economic Zones in the region to encourage IT companies to set up their offices in the region. The SEZ under MIHAN, Nagpur has estimated that it will generate Rs.40, 000 Crore in annual revenues and provide employment to more than 120,000 people. This will provide a huge boost to the city’s economy.      

Medical Services:
Nagpur boasts of having the biggest hospital in Central India in the form of Government Medical College and Hospital. In addition Nagpur also has many renowned hospitals and doctors to boast for. Also, according to the latest CII-Institute for Competitiveness, Nagpur ranks 5th amongst 37 other cities in Health Support Infrastructure.      

Crime Rate:
According to Nagpur Police, the numbers of crimes commited in the city are steadily decreasing since last five years. This speaks wonders for the law and order in the city.

(In the map REP Stands for reported crimes and DET stands for Determined crimes)      

nagpur police: crime graph


Nagpur City and the surrounding region is fast becoming an education hub with lots of reputed colleges in the region imparting quality education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Nursing, Law, Arts and Sciences. This has surely helped in improving the standard of living of people in the region.      

Word of Caution:

Nagpur has been ranked a dismal 239 out of 423 cities by Union ministry of urban development in terms of being clean, healthy & livable. This is something the concerned authorities really need to work upon as such a show is not good for city’s future development efforts.

Do let us know what according to you are good & bad aspects of Nagpur. 

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